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Digital Radiography

Here are all the advantages of digital radio:

  • 90% reduction in the exposure rate compared to traditional radiographs;
  • Improving the quality of our diagnoses for your oral health;
  • Instant result, therefore immediate evaluation of the radio and less waiting for you;
  • Demonstration tool and explanation by showing you the radiographs of your teeth on a 22-inch screen;
  • Reduced deadlines for direct emails to insurance companies and specialists.

The interproximal radiography

It allows simultaneous observation of the crowns of the upper and lower teeth.

Interproximal radiography is essential for dental examination to identify caries in the interdental areas and the joints of filling that are otherwise undetectable.

These radiographs are usually taken annually.

The periapical radiography

It allows to isolate a group of upper or lower teeth so as to be able to study their roots, their bone supports, but also the lesions related to the nerve of the tooth such as an abscess.

The panoramic radiography

It is an essential complement to dentistry.

The panoramic radiography gives an overview of the upper and lower teeth, the maxilla, the articulations and the sinuses.

It allows us to know the location of the teeth for children with mixed dentition and also the position of the teeth of wisdom to plan their extraction if necessary.

In addition, it allows evaluation of bone loss, root abnormalities, cysts, tumors and abscesses.

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