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A dental implant is what is called an artificial tooth root. At the Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l’Outaouais, an implant crown or bridge can be placed to replace your missing teeth. This implant is normally made of titanium, a material that is biocompatible with the jawbone.


The fusion of the bone with the implant is a phenomenon called osseointegration. This process is made possible by the physical characteristics of titanium. That’s why this material that offers durability is used for implant manufacturing. When a tooth is lost, some of the bone that supported it is also lost. A bone graft is sometimes necessary to regenerate the lost bone before implant placement.

What is a dental implant for?

Dental implants help stabilize the jaw. They also prevent greater bone loss and retain the shape of the maxillary bone.

These implants are a good practical alternative to dentures because they do not pull out. In addition, they are much more comfortable and natural. When one of our dentists in Hull does an implant restoration, the patient feels like he has his front tooth. The work is done so professionally that you feel almost no difference.

What are the advantages?

Implants are better than traditional bridges because they do not involve neighboring teeth in treatments and they are better than dentures because they are fixed in the jaw and offer comfort and aesthetics far superior. Finally, the bridges and crowns gently placed by our dentists in Gatineau on an implant will not budge. As they will not slip, it will avoid all kinds of problems, such as the inability to talk or chew.

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