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Emergency Examinations and Dental Care

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At the Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l’Outaouais, we are committed to helping you with all your emergencies as quickly as possible. With our long opening hours and our team of more than twenty professionals, we are often able to see you the same day to resolve all your oral emergencies.

The Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l’Outaouais offers dental examinations and emergency care. Generally, dental emergencies occur as a result of mishaps such as accidents, shock on the teeth or a bad fall. These emergencies can also occur in people who have neglected to repair their strongly decayed tooth. The latter eventually becomes infected or fracture.

How to proceed ?

The examination or emergency care allows dentists in Gatineau to make a partial examination of the care required, particularly with a tooth. It includes establishing a diagnosis, a treatment plan, a prognosis or a reference proposal in order to restore your dental health. X-rays and photographs are sometimes necessary to lead to the diagnosis by the Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l’Outaouais.

What is dental emergency?

A dental emergency is concretely a medical emergency involving the gums as well as the teeth. Whether dental pain is minor or major and not only for teeth, it is considered a dental emergency for the Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l’Outaouais.

When these conditions are not detected or ignored, dangerous and serious complications may occur. So do not hesitate to contact our very professional team for exams and emergency care.

Most common emergency care

The most common emergency care is:

  • Gingival abscesses and swelling
  • The tongue or lip bitten
  • The loss of a shutter
  • An expelled tooth
  • Toothache due to swelling, sensation of electric shock and pain in hot and cold

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, you can make an emergency appointment at the Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l’Outaouais. Moreover, we’re committed to help you with all your emergencies as quickly as possible and we will always listen to you.

What should you expect after making an appointment?

After taking an emergency appointment to see a dentist in Hull, you can, in the meantime, give first aid to your tooth in case of an accident leading to the expulsion of a tooth:

  • Start by picking up the tooth;
  • If your tooth is dirty, you must rinse it under running water without rubbing it;
  • Try to gently place the tooth in the socket, in this case the cavity of the root of the tooth, then apply ice on the affected area.;
  • If it is impossible to put the tooth back in the cell, you should keep it in a glass of cold water or milk, if possible in the mouth.

You now know what to do if need emergency dental care. Get in touch with our dedicated team who will take care of you gently to give you complete satisfaction during your dental care.

Do you need an emergency appointment?

Call us at 819-777-6492